On photographing art again…

Scratch that last post on setting up a cheap and easy backdrop for photographing art. There’s a better way. Actually there’s a proper way. As luck would have it Paul Leathers was running a workshop on exactly that topic (and what goes on in front of it) yesterday at SODA in Fremantle. Why am I telling you now? Because it was good, really good, and it may just be worth giving SODA a call. Word was, that since ten people went on the waiting list, in case anyone cancelled on one of the 15 places (not very likely!), there’s a chance they’ll run another before Paul returns to Canada.

The course description went “Paul Leathers has lectured on digital photo-documentation internationally and has documented artworks for institutional collections and individual makers. His images have been published in numerous books and magazines. Photo-documentation is the final step in finishing your artwork! This hands-on workshop will introduce the principles and practices of digitally photo-documenting both 2D and 3D artworks. The emphasis will be on keeping the process simple and inexpensive…”

Worth every minute and the 2 hours traveling each way… and guess which twit left her camera sitting on the kitchen table? Nevertheless, I came back with a dozen pages of notes and confidence sufficient to polish up that undocumented stuff known to be lurking under the studio dust.

Contact: Fleur Schell on noonan@preciseit.com.au or 9433 4836

Also, Paul has a show coming up at Perth Galleries from the 10 April – 3 May.

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