Phi II

Phi II

Mindarie Boardwalk Sculpture Fesitval 2008
Highly Commended

Reinforced lightweight concrete
Stainless steel
Approximately: 1m x 1m x 1m

Phi II closeup



Phi II sunshot

Phi II belongs to a series exploring the golden ratio in three dimensional geometric forms. Sometimes called the divine proportion, and denoted by the Greek letter phi, this ratio is a natural phenomenon which  has fascinated scientists, mathematicians and artists since it’s discovery over 2400 years ago.

The outer shape of this work is an icosahedron which is a regular polyhedron with twenty faces each an equilateral triangle. On Phi II these faces are implied by the lacing of stainless steel rope. The golden proportion is found in the more solid  rectangles on the inside, crossing at right angles through the centre.

 “Without mathematics there is no art.”

Luca Pacioli (1445–1514 or 1517)
Italian mathematician, Franciscan friar and mathematics tutor to Leonardo da Vinci