Whistlepipe Gully follow up…

Whistlepipe Gully

The Artists’ Safari timing for the Whistlepipe Gully outing was beautiful. Warm without being hot, light against shadow without being too glary and, as always, the fascination of the old house. Or rather, the foundations of the old house. Did it really straddle the rushing water and the rocks? Can’t be certain but sure looks that way. Local rumour has it that it was built without a permit and ordered to be pulled down. Or was built without ownership of the land and ordered to be pulled down. Or built so badly it fell down… All depends on who one asks! Whatever, the rockwork was rather good. Well worth the hike up the steep track.

My efforts this time amounted to a bunch of studies of planes – rocks are good for that. Then right at the end, tired of rocks, I returned to my favourite genre, for a quicky sketch of another artist engrossed in his own drawing. Just charcoal on cartridge, giving up when another companion looked over my shoulder and said something along the lines of “don’t touch it, all that needs is a date and a signature”. Fair enough. Especially as a wind was picking up and whistling over the water to make staying any longer an uncomfortably chilly proposition.

Next week we’re headed for the Metro Grain Centre for a go at the silos. An entirely different kind of landscape and one that, I have to say, is far more to my liking.



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