Car portraits in acrylics

Two car portraits this week – both acrylic on panel – which is absolute madness in this heat: it’s 45°C outside and over 50°C in the studio. I tried to work early and late to avoid the worst but it never really cooled down. The useless air-conditioner (which sounds like a jet backed into the roof and drives me crazy) was blowing hot air over paint that was already drying too fast. There ain’t no blending on these babies.

Stress levels are running high because these are both Christmas gifts and time is running out. (One of those times when I wish I had a proper job and could just buy gift vouchers like a normal person. The recipients would probably prefer that too.) Yes, I did begin early with oils, but, yes, life got in the way, so I began again with acrylics. At least there won’t be any issue about them not being dry enough to frame… and I already made the frames.

Painting of a car

Painting of two cars