Artlink for Underpass Motel

I’ve talked already about the Underpass Motel – a project that’s been keeping me off the streets for the past 18 months…
Artlink cover
I’m pleased to announce now that there’s a story about it in the current issue of Artlink magazine.

Underpass Motel is a collaborative video project described as a “series of musings or dysfunctional daydreams” by eight artists with very different styles. We then went on to produce works related to the film – drawings, sculpture and paintings. The dvd will be released at the opening of the exhibition on the 9th October 2009 at the Turner Gallery. The exhibition will include some of the sets, puppets and props used in the making. The dvd itself is over 2 hours long – with the main film, “making ofs” by each artist and extra scenes.

Still image from Underpass Motel
Still image from Underpass Motel

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