A Still Life

Dredging up another piece of work from a while back – I promise I’ll get back to current stuff soon… and not even a painting but another stop motion animation – currently brought to by You-Tube.

I set up a simple still life (fruit, veges and some flowers) on our dining room table with some lights and a digital camera set to snap a photo every hour. My thinking was it would take a few weeks to disappear to nothing. Not…

Two and a half months later I stopped the experiment in a fit of annoyance. I wanted my table back. I couldn’t stand the smell a minute longer and worse the creepy crawlies were coming from miles around to join the party. Yuk.

Reviewing the photos I discovered that several of our cats (we have six…) had been visiting the setup. Sniffing the flowers, staring into the camera, eating the fruit. Double yuk.

Many hours of editing later one naughty kitty became the star of the show. No photos were changed. None were run out of order. I simply discarded some, played with the timing, added a few graphics and set it to music.

The “olde silent movie” graphics and music were chosen to suit the occasional shake that appears from removing the camera to download the photos – yes, every few days… Despite tape and texta marks for the positioning you can see the moves. Beaut. If life hands you a lemon… I had my theme.

And *that* is it for today, I really must stop procrastinating and get on with the next Bargue drawing. Isn’t it amazing how many little one can get done while trying to avoid doing something difficult?

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