So what am I working on now?


Or rather, nothing that I’m ready to share.


White rabbit on white satin, acrylic on canvas, 30x21cm
White rabbit on white satin, acrylic on canvas, 30x21cm

Last time I painted in my favourite industrial area, I was spooked by strangers and didn’t feel safe. I stopped painting there for a while. Then I stopped painting at all.

Then, just as I thought I was onto something new, my mum passed away.

I am working now. Something new.

My daily schedule, for anyone interested, is simple. Up early to tend the animals. (This is a rural home, so there are a lot of critters needing their breakfast.) Then to the studio – usually accompanied by several dogs, a cat and a lunchbox. By late afternoon, I’ll be working in the garden – staying until the light runs out. (That’s my idea of exercise.) My evenings are spent reading or drawing. I don’t watch tv and have given up on social media for a bit. Day after day, the same stuff. Rather boring really.


This now page was prompted by Derek Sivers /now. I heard about it on John Dalton’s podcast interview with Kristy Gordon.