Graphite blocks

I was really keen to try Artgraf’s watersoluble graphite in a tin when I saw it on a YouTube video recently. Unfortunately the price here, with a poor exchange rate plus ludicrous postage costs to Western Australia made it prohibitively expensive.

So instead, I did the only sensible thing and tried to make some. I came up with two versions – using stuff I already had on hand.

Home made graphite blockVersion one used Cretacolor Graphite Powder mixed with a little gum arabic. I used about a tablespoon of the graphite and added the gum arabic a few drops at a time until it mixed to a stiff paste. I used a flat palette knife to mix it on a glass palette, then scooped it into an empty lipgloss container. I left it to dry with the lid off which took about 4 days (it’s winter here and my studio is cold). It was a bit messy but clean up was easy with a couple of baby wipes. The result: works really well!

Home made graphite block

The second kind used a couple of watersoluble graphite crayons – el cheapo Mont Marte – because that’s what I happened to have. (If you try making some do make sure your brand of crayons are the watersoluble kind – not all of them are.) I cut the crayons to fit the container and squeezed them in to fill it. I  could have used it straight away like that, it worked fine. Instead, I chopped the tiny leftover pieces of crayon quite finely, stuffed them into the gaps and added a little water to try to melt them into the spaces. Silly me, I was trying to make mine look as pretty as a bought one! Not necessary. I left it with the lid off to dry too.

Either method is recommended. The first made a paler tint than the second  – think 2H vs 8B in graphite terms – so I can see myself using both together in the same drawing.

If I could buy a proper Artgraph tin at a reasonable price locally I would do so in a heartbeat, until then: very happy.