Saint George Shaw

I am locked out of my studio by flu-induced conjunctivitis and struggling to see through watering eyes that go gritty on the eyeball if I try to keep my eyes open and are glued shut by crusty lashes if close them.

Frustrated at being unable to work, irritated by the wasted time and not wanting to be left sitting in the dark with my own even darker thoughts I needed something to listen to. The Saints of Somewhere site was a random bookmark in my browser list titled “Things to listen to”. That will do, I thought, I can lay down with the lights off and listen, and maybe learn, and not totally throw away my day.

As luck would have it, the episode I had saved is one where Kirsty interviews George Shaw. Loved it. Highly recommended for anyone who has little time for the rah-rah world of fake posivity and a keen sense of urgency about how little time there is to get good enough to do what they need to do before their time is up.

Times up. Sorry for any typos, thought shared, returning to lights out.