Kailis Fremantle
Kailis Fremantle

The view you would be seeing while sitting outside Kailis Brothers Fremantle which munching on fish & chips

Yes, I “wasted” yesterday relaxing by the ocean, sipping tea at Dome and cruising the secondhand bookshops. I should have been painting.

Brought home two books: one on Velazquez (which only almost satisfies the itch over the one in my Amazoncart) and another on Alan Fearnley’s paintings of classic cars. Will review that one another day ‘cos it made the day off worth it even if it didn’t ease the guilt. Well that one and another book, which I didn’t buy, on American artists. Liked it because it had a few pages on Andrew Wyeth but didn’t like it because it only had a few pages on Andrew Wyeth. Thus the book on Velazquez in the Amazon cart has been joined by two books on Andrew Wyeth. (I’m thinking Memory and Magic and Autobiography. Comments anyone?*). Those joining a book about the Spanish artist Antonio Lopez Garcia which was already there. Oh crumbs.

What do Wyeth and Garcia have in common (along with my other idols Alex Colville and Edward Hopper)? They are all sometimes classed amongst the “magical realists”. The what? If you want to know know more there’s a pretty good article at Ten Dreams.

And Antonio Lopez Garcia? Try this:

Have fun, a

*Too late too wait for comments on the Wyeth books they’re here. They’re great.

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